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Vaccination Equipment

A broad range of tools are necessary to keep fish healthy throughout their life cycle. Our solutions provide efficient vaccinations, and comprehensive quality control.

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The NFT machines are developed and produced in the heart of the Norwegian salmon farming area – with our users as the guiding star. Our machines are compact and robust, but the footprint is small compared to similar machines on the market. In addition, capacity can be suited to big operations by joining two machines over a common feeding table. 

These days, you might require two different vaccine formulations in order to immunize your fish against all the potential endemic diseases in your area. For this purpose, we have developed a double syringe that ensure precise mixes of the two formulations in each single dose.

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NFT Machines

We know that your needs may vary, that is why we have developed three different NFT models. Your chosen vaccination regimen – what combination of vaccine formulations are used to immunize your fish – will decide which model suits you the best

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Micro-Matic Syringes

Fish vaccination regimes have become more challenging over the years. Due to this, we have developed the Micro-Matic syringe.

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