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PHARMAQ Analytiq offers histopathology, the microscopic examination of disease-related changes in thin tissue sections. The method is considered to be a cornerstone of fish diagnostics. These days, histopathology is often combined with RT-PCR and microbiology in order to ascertain the cause and impact of diseases in the fish.

Why Use Histopathology?

Health challenges in the aquaculture industry can often be multifactorial. By examining the tissue response of the fish – in combination with detection of possible infectious agents – we can better understand the aetiology of the condition under investigation.

This method can be used to detect both infectious and non-infectious diseases. Additionally, we can assess the degree and duration of potential tissue damage. For some diseases, such as heart- and muscle inflammation (HSMI) and cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS), histopathology is the most useful  method for assessment of extent of tissue damage and diagnosis. Histopathology is also pivotal for detecting emerging diseases.

By combining Real-Time qPCR, microbiology and histopathology, PHARMAQ Analytiq can not only assess the impact of the disease, but also increase the likelihood of establishing the cause.

Histopathological assessment of heart and gill tissue, in advance of treatments, can be a very useful tool in determining how well a stock is likely to tolerate the intervention, so informing the manager as to whether to go ahead or delay the operation.

Benefit from an Experienced Team

PHARMAQ Analytiq has a world-leading team of veterinary pathologists globally. Our team has a broad experience and expertise in fish pathology.

In our state-of-the-art histopathology lab, as well as performing routine histology we also have expertise in specialist staining techniques , as well as  immunohistochemistry.

Delivery times for test results

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