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PHARMAQ Analytiq were involved in more than 50 customer projects in 2021 with a further increase expected in 2022. Our customer projects range from small-scale ones initiated by producers to investigate a specific fish health issue, to large-scale publicly funded projects involving several partners, such as those funded by the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF).

Customers are encouraged to contact us in an early phase of the planning of a project. Our team can advise on sampling and study design in addition to relevant analyses, to optimize  project setup and results. For more information on customer projects, contact Project Manager Fish Health, Elise Hjelle


We offer:

  • Help with project funding applications
  • Protocol design
  • Tailored analyses such as histopathological scoring methods
  • Results in excel format according to agreement
  • Histopathological and microbiological images of high quality to support results
  • Advice on sampling and supplementary analyses such as special stains, immunohistochemistry, NGS, realtime RT-PCR, SmoltVision and microbiology
  • Discussion of results and contribution to text and images for scientific publications
  • Advice on further studies


Some of our projects:

  • Numerous projects involving the surveillance of gill health (including PCR and histopathology gill-scores). Typically applied to compare different feeds, production parameters, water sources or water quality.
  • Projects focusing on intestinal health, skin health, fish larval challenges, and the effects of handling/delousing etc.
  • Risk factors, key indicators and strategic management of gill disease in Atlantic salmon (Risikofaktorer, indikatorer og strategisk håndtering av gjellelidelser hos atlantisk laks (GILLRISK) (
  • Nephrocalcinosis and hemorrhagic smolt syndrome: FHF funded projects (NEFROSMOLT) and (STONEHUNT)
  • Spatial patterns of Pathogen profiles in marine habitats and associations with active and fallow fish farms from eDNA sampling (NFR-PATHDNA)
  • Several projects on heart health including PCR and histopathology scoring (SAV, PMCV, PRV)
  • Characterization, predilection and reduction of cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS) in Atlantic salmon (SALMOCARD)
  • Optimal smolt production for a robust fish at sea (OPTISMOLT)


Our competence

PHARMAQ Analytiq offers a wide range of services backed by highly educated personnel in the fields of fish health and diagnostics. This makes us natural participants in research and development projects in the field of aquaculture, both as a partner and a service provider. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific issues that you wish us to investigate.

The histopathology team consists of 17 veterinary pathologists with extensive experience in many different areas of fish pathology. Several of our pathologist are European/American specialists in veterinary pathology (Diplomate of European/American College of Veterinary Pathologists). In addition, most of our colleagues have, or are pursuing a PhD. The whole team is presented here.



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