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The Pangasius is a Catfish native to fresh-water river systems in Southeast Asia. It is fast growing, robust, and can tolerate challenging conditions with high temperatures and low oxygen, making it highly suitable for aquaculture in tropical climates. Its mild flavor and firm texture have made it a favorite for cooking around the world.

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Pangasius is farmed in several countries across Asia, Vietnam being by far the largest producer. The farms are mainly located in the Mekong Delta where the fish are cultured in ponds bordering to the river. Production has grown rapidly the last decades, and fillets and value-added products are now exported globally.

Pangasius and Diseases

As in other developing aquaculture industries, health challenges have been encountered as pangasius farming has expanded. The two most common disease-causing bacteria are Edwardsiella ictaluri and Aeromonas hydrophila, and outbreaks may be triggered by climatic changes or exposure to stress, such as handling and transportation.

Pangasius farmers and authorities are making a strong effort to facilitate sustainable growth in the industry. Efforts encompass increasing the competence on fish health management, initiation of breeding programs, optimization of nutrition and investments in new technologies. Furthermore, a shift from therapeutics to preventive treatments, such as vaccines, is being sought in order to reduce and replace use of antibiotics.

Pangasius and Vaccines

Here at PHARMAQ, we believe that vaccines have a key role when facilitating animal welfare and sustainable fish farming. We have long experience with pangasius health management and developing vaccines for the species, and we are represented in the farming regions by our trusted Zoetis colleagues. ALPHA JECT Panga 2, which protects against E. ictaluri and A. hydrophila is licensed for use and available in Vietnam. In addition to vaccines, we can supply state-of-the-art vaccination equipment, anesthetics for fish, and a wide range of diagnostics and fish health consulting services.