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Key Features NFT Fish Vaccination Machines

Machine vaccination, with the use of NFT, is a quick, gentle and precise process. Not only does it cater to the best in fish welfare, but it also protects your fish against potentially lethal diseases.

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Modern fish vaccines have contributed to a dramatic reduction in the use of antibiotics to treat diseased fish: In Norway, the use of antibiotics has been eliminated in the farmed salmon population. We believe that keeping fish in good health is the best way of securing a healthy, sustainable and profitable aquaculture industry.

Sorting Abilities

The machine is originally built to vaccinate salmon, sea bass and trout, but it can be adjusted to fit a wide range of different fish species. Following vaccination, the fish are sorted into three different gutters. The length of every fish is measured with an accuracy of 1 mm, and the sorting parameters can easily be set and adjusted via the touch screen.

Uses Your Existing Infrastructure

If you already have an infrastructure in place, the NFT can use your existing solutions for pumping, anesthesia and internal distribution. However, Fishteq can also help you design a complete anesthesia and vaccination system.

The output module is designed for a standard 110 mm tube, and it can be deployed using either natural fall distribution or further pumping.

Connecting Machines

Our NFT machines can be connected in order to increase capacity. If you wish to use two machines simultaneously, we only need to make a few minor adjustments to the feeding table.

Easy Transport and Assembly

The NFT is mobile and can easily be transported for use both indoors and on platforms. It has a lifting point for forklifts, and it equipped with wheels. Additionally, the machine fits in a 1.75-meter-tall van. Assembly is straightforward, requiring only that the machine is connected to water, compressed air (which must be dry and clean), electricity and internet.

Easy to Operate

One experienced operator can easily operate the NFT alone. The machine is suitable for vaccine doses from 0.025 to 0.1 ml and uses standard 0.7x15 mm cannulas. These can easily be changed by the operator and are activated via the touch screen.

Precise Vaccination

The NFT is equipped with machine vision: Every fish is photographed, and the machine automatically adjusts the injection site with a precision of 0.3 mm. All data, such as vaccine use, number of fish and size sorting, is logged by the system, and all logged data can be sent to you as an email.

Norwegian Quality

The NFT is the result of 20 years of innovation and experience in the aquaculture industry. We have manufactured the machine from acid proof steel, and it is built to provide high levels of uptime and a long lifespan. All machines are assembled in our headquarters