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Vaccine-in-fish Delivered by Experts

Did you know that our experts at PHARMAQ Fishteq vaccinate close to 100 million smolts every year in Norway alone? We know the vaccines, we know the NFT machines, and we know how to best look after your fish. Do you need help vaccinating? Go with the experts.

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Machine Vaccination and Manual Vaccination

PHARMAQ Fishteq employs highly skilled and experienced fish vaccinators who can gently and efficiently vaccinate a high number of animals – all while minimizing stress levels for the fish.

We offer both high-quality machine vaccination and manual vaccination. However, machine vaccination will offer you a higher rate of speed and consistency. Our team can also track performance and deliver quality reports, including fish counts and sorting results from the vaccination process. Additionally, our experts know the NFT machines well after years of use, and we ensure proper calibration of doses and set of correct injection point at every start-up. By choosing PHARMAQ Fishteq, you secure the best welfare for your fish.

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Where are Vaccination Services Offered?

PHARMAQ Fishteq vaccinates your fish in a professional, sustainable and profitable way. As of 2021, this service is offered to our customers in the Nordic countries. The price is based on number of fish vaccinated.

We have also partnered with companies in other countries in order to offer this service globally:

Contact PHARMAQ Fishteq, or our international partners, for an informal chat about our vaccination products and services.

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Why Should You Vaccinate Your Fish?

Our vaccines reduce diseases and contribute to a sustainable, profitable growth in fish farming. Furthermore, it reduces the need for antibiotics and chemicals, thereby limiting the pressure on the environment.

Predictable vaccines, combined with excellent disease management, may:

  • Improve fish health and contribute to higher survival rate
  • Reduce production costs
  • Secure fish export and trade
  • Improve food safety for consumers worldwide
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NFT Fish Vaccination Machine

A broad range of tools are necessary to keep fish healthy throughout their life cycle. Our solutions provide efficient vaccinations, and comprehensive quality control.

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