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Urgent support

If a needle that has been in contact with fish vaccine has penetrated your skin, you must seek medical assistance immediately – even if you believe that little to no vaccine has been injected. PHARMAQ advises that you take these three steps in order to reduce the risk of permanent injury.

Seek medical assistance immediately

This is of utmost importance, even if you believe that little to no vaccine has been injected.

Bring the PHARMAQ information leaflet

The vaccine package leaflet and/or the self-injection folder must be brought with you to the doctor.

If symptoms persists

Are you experiencing persistent pain, swelling, fever or discoloration of the skin more than 12 hours after having received medical attention? Please contact your doctor again.

Further information vaccination safety

Most of our fish vaccines contain formalin-inactivated bacterial and/or viral antigens, as well as oil adjuvants. The injection dose varies from 0.025 to 0.1ml depending on the vaccine.

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Reporting adverse advents

If you have experienced any unwanted or unintended effects or outcomes during or after vaccination – such as increased mortality, unwanted reactions in the fish, or accidental self-injections – the adverse event should be reported to your PHARMAQ customer contact or