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Training programs and courses

PHARMAQ Analytiq offers a wide selection of high-quality training courses related to the aquaculture industry. Utilizing education and training will allow you to remain at the forefront of a growing industry.

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Our Classroom-Based Training

Our experts at PHARMAQ Analytiq bring years of experience into the classroom. These are the courses we are currently offering:

  • Fish Welfare

1-day duration. The RSPCA standard for Farmed Atlantic Salmon states that all staff working with stock must attend a recognized fish welfare course in order to comply with the standard. This PHARMAQ Analytiq course on Fish Welfare is RSPCA recognized, thereby allowing your operations to become fully compliant.

  • Cleaner Fish Health & Management

1-day duration. This course provides a substantial overview regarding the husbandry and health of wrasse and lumpfish, which are used as biological sea lice control on salmon farms. Upon request, this course can incorporate practical training in cleaner fish handling and sample collection.

  • Gill Health

Half-day duration. This course introduces you to normal gill structure and function, gross and microscopic appearance of healthy gills and the physiological implications of gill damage. The course can be combined with the Practical Gill Health Assessment course and delivered on-site.

  • Freshwater Health & Diseases

1-day duration. This course explores principles of fish health, disease and biosecurity for salmonids in freshwater. Our experts will focus on the major freshwater disease challenges facing the industry today – combined with strategies that can minimize losses in an outbreak.

  • Marine Health & Diseases

1-day duration. This course covers the basic principles of fish health, disease and biosecurity applying to salmonids in the marine environment. We will focus closely on the implications of health challenges and how this impacts the final product quality.


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Our Practical training Courses

Practical training courses are either laboratory-based or delivered on-site. They provide a unique opportunity for hands-on learning experiences delivered by our expert teams.

  • Gill Health Assessment

Half-day duration. Gill health represents a serious challenge across the salmon farming industry. This course covers the fundamentals of gill assessment, in addition to distinguishing between different causes of gill disease.

  • Sea Lice Identification and Monitoring

Half-day duration. This course will give you competence in the identification of sea lice in situ, and ensure that you fully understand the requirements of sea lice monitoring that is listed under the “Code of Good Practice” and the RSPCA Welfare Standard for Farmed Atlantic Salmon.

  • Introduction to Diagnostic Sampling

1-day duration. This laboratory-based course focuses on preparation and storage of samples, in addition to discussing what samples to collect for histology, bacteriology, qPCR and virology.

  • Basic Microscopy

Half-day duration. This practical course will give you an understanding of basic microscopy. You will also be taught standard sampling techniques relevant to the area in which you operate.

  • Best Practice Health Monitoring

This one-day, practical course can be tailored to either freshwater or seawater use, focusing on further training on the principles of proactive health monitoring.

  • Plankton Sampling and Identification

This one-day course introduces you to the equipment required to carry out effective plankton sampling, in addition to the skills needed in order to identify a range of common and harmful species.

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