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Data analytics

PHARMAQ Analytiq is investing in solutions that will help predict the future. From a past approach where the industry has relied on descriptive statistics through our reports, we aim to enter a future where we in addition can forecast the spread of disease agents. 

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All our analysis data can potentially be combined with other data sources, and a more complete puzzle increases our ability to identify correlating parameters. If there is a pattern, the next step is to design and develop more advanced models that we use to classify real world data in a production setting.  


With support from a world class data science team together with our global focus and expertise in fish health, we are well positioned to unlock the potential in looking at data from a higher perspective. We have improved dashboards for a better understanding of the current fish health situation at the farm, and conduct pilot studies that will introduce forecasting abilities for specific disease agents in the pipeline. 

Digital solutions 

The industry needs efficient and user-friendly digital solutions to both support the use of our services, and serve as an informative platform for our reports. The laboratory adheres to extensive requirements for data collection to ensure traceability and compliance with laws, regulations, standards and guidelines. Our main goal is to identify smart solutions in iWISE that reduce this workload to a minimum and provide a streamlined process to our customers. 



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Learn more about customer projects here

Customers are encouraged to contact us in an early phase of the planning of a project. Our team can advise on sampling and study design in addition to relevant analyses, to optimize project setup and results.

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